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What is Cannabidiol (CBD)?

What is Cannabidiol (CBD)?

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CBD vs THC - what's the difference?

CBD vs THC - what's the difference?

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How to choose your CBD oil

How to choose your CBD oil

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  1. Traveling with CBD

    Traveling with CBD

    Flying can be stressful. You have likely developed your own ways of dealing with that dreadful traveler’s anxiety, whether it comes about during bouts of turbulence or while obsessing with being on time (4 hours early) to a flight just to avoid unexpected delays. In these panic-induced moments, some people opt for an in-flight cocktail, a face mask, a meditation podcast or if they really want to knock themselves out, sleep-aid medication. If any of this sounds familiar, travelling with CBD

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  2. Understanding CBD Ingredients: How to read the label, and more

    Understanding CBD Ingredients: How to read the label, and more

    Today more than ever, people are aware of what they are consuming, and are putting a focus on maintaining healthier and cleaner lifestyles. Companies are following suit and removing additives and fillers from their products, while simultaneously adding product claims to their packaging, aligning themselves with their gluten-free, vegan, organic, non-GMO and overall health-conscious customers.  

    Checking the ingredient listing of any product you purchase, from skincare to food, should

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  3. CBD Oil for Anxiety

    CBD Oil for Anxiety

    For many people, managing anxiety is a daily struggle. It’s something that colors every aspect of their lives. For those living with anxiety, simple things like going out with friends or even ordering a cup of coffee can prove to be huge challenges.

    More people than ever report suffering from anxiety on a regular basis. With anxiety on the rise, there are more and more solutions and remedies coming onto the market.

    Many of those remedies involve powerful pharmaceuticals like X

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  4. The benefits of CBD and MCT oil

    The benefits of CBD and MCT oil

    If you’re into natural health products at all, there’s a big chance that you’ve heard of a little something called MCT oil. Within the last few years, MCT oil has gained immense popularity due to its association with the Ketogenic diet, and it's also often used as a carrier oil for CBDThe Ketog

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  5. CBD for sleep: Can CBD help treat insomnia?

    CBD for sleep: Can CBD help treat insomnia?

    If you’ve ever had trouble sleeping (and, let’s be honest – most of us have), you know how frustrating it can be. Tossing and turning in bed, trying to get to sleep, makes minutes feel like hours.

    Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t just a matter of comfort – getting enough sleep improves both mental and physical health, and helps you get through your day productively. Not to mention, it feels fantastic.

    There are lots of solutions out there for improved sleep, from simple exer

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  6. CBD Gummies for Anxiety

    CBD Gummies for Anxiety

    Anxiety, both in the form of disorders and generalized emotion, are at an all-time high in our society.

    There are a lot of factors at play that could potentially explain this – from diet, to the existential threat of climate change, to anxiety simply becoming more socially accepted, and therefore discussed more openly.

    Whatever the reason, anxiety is on the rise - and so too are remedies for it.

    But some among us (like myself, for example) are avoiding pharmaceuticals i

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  7. Cooking with CBD: CBD snacks

    Cooking with CBD: CBD snacks

    CBD is the hottest trend of the year, by far. It's in everything from face serums to sodas. And some of our very favorite products to come out this year, are also the tastiest.

    The production of unique, CBD-Infused edibles and drinks is well underway. Some of our favorites include:

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  8. Can CBD help your pet's anxiety?

    Can CBD help your pet's anxiety?

    Got a nervous pet?

    Does Fido pace and whine when it’s bedtime?

    Does Fluffy cry at the top of her lungs when you leave the house?

    An anxious pet is no walk in the park.

    If your pet is nervy, you’ve probably tried just about everything to get ‘em to calm down – 5 hour walks, valerian root, maybe even prescription benzodiazepines (a.k.a., doggy Xanax).

    But there’s a new solution that may be exactly what your pet needs to calm down, relax, and get a good ni

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  9. Baking with CBD oil - our top 3 sweet recipes

    Baking with CBD oil - our top 3 sweet recipes

    If you’ve seen Our Top 3 Savory Recipes and were wondering “where in the heck are the desserts?”, look no further! We’ve got your sweet tooth covered with these mouthwatering CBD infused treats.  

    Baking with CBD is easier than you think! There are, however, a couple key things to remember before you get started.

    • Make sure yo
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  10. Cooking with CBD - Is it a good idea?

    Cooking with CBD - Is it a good idea?

    Is cooking with CBD oil a good idea? We can say definitively that yes, it is! We understand that you may need a little more convincing, and that’s what we’re here for.

    When thinking of cooking with cannabis, your mind can often float to memories of those weed brownies you accidentally ate at a friend’s place that you thought were soooo delicious so you ate 4 and woke up 18 hours later in confused haze, covered in Cheeto dust,

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