Elite Hemp Products Are Some of ShopCBD’s Favorites

Elite Hemp products, known across the country, and soon the world, for their revolutionary principles, helping all living beings experiencing everyday physical and mental conditions. Elite Hemp Company was founded, after extensive research, as a way to be able to incorporate the benefits of hemp into our everyday lives.

By offering a unique, revolutionary, and caring way of thinking, Elite Hemp products differentiate themselves from other CBD producers by not only thinking of ourselves but thinking of our furry friends as well.

Not only can Elite Hemp products help us in our daily lives, they are environmentally friendly, diverse, and authentic, with verified testing every step of the way. Want help with your everyday life? Then these Watermelon gummies, Sour gummies, Lavender massage oil, and Peppermint massage oil from ShopCBD are for you.

So, what really is Elite Hemp products’ story? And how are they different? Let’s find out.


About Elite Hemp Products

Founded in 2015, Elite Hemp Company is based on the principle of using hemp to help people who are experiencing everyday physical and mental conditions. After extensive research, Elite Hemp Company found that the benefits of hemp-based products should be implemented into our current lifestyle.

Elite Hemp Company is centered on offering a unique and revolutionary way on how we think about hemp products. By focusing on the belief that hemp should be the new medicine to help all suffering from discomfort, Elite Hemp Company offers products not only for us but for our furry friends as well.

By providing products that are environmentally friendly, diverse and authentic, Elite Hemp Company centers around being able to provide high-grade hemp to not only active lifestyle enthusiasts and health-seekers but also to those who make the health and well-being of animals and the Earth a top priority in life.


How are Elite Hemp Products Different?

Elite Hemp Company distinguishes itself by implementing full transparency, environmentally friendly extraction techniques, and verified testing every step of the way, from Hemp growth to their final products.

By striving to offer the best hemp products nature has to offer, Elite Hemp Company is revolutionizing the hemp market. With 100X strength products, not only are they revolutionizing the market, they are also improving the lives of countless people. Aiming to expand worldwide, Elite Hemp Company is striving to be the most recognized hemp-based brand on the market.

Hemp—exactly what you would expect from your own garden—this is the mission of Elite Hemp Company. Through offering organic and natural hemp products, which are more economical, there are no trade-offs with standards, flavor, or quality.

The products offered by Elite Hemp Company are unique and exciting, sourced exclusively from organically grown, non-GMO, sustainable high-grade hemp. This hemp contains not only beneficial CBD but also zinc, iron, magnesium, omega-3 and omega-6 fiber, a number of vitamins, and of course proteins and healthy fats. This combination of CBD, nutrients, and minerals makes Elite Hemp Company a unique and valuable player in the Hemp market.


Elite Hemp Star Products


CBD Watermelon Gummies 1600mg

 CBD Watermelon Gummies 1600mg

CBD Watermelon Gummies, from Elite Hemp Company, is the perfect, delicious, and fun supplement for anyone’s diet. This product, high in CBD, is perfect for those who are regularly drug tested, as it contains 0% THC and only CBD isolate.

In addition to CBD, these tasty gummies also contain hemp oil and coconut oil, both touted for their beneficial fats, letting your hair, skin, and brain enjoy the cumulative benefits from hemp and coconuts.


CBD Sour Gummies 1600mg

 CBD Sour Gummies 1600mg

CBD Sour Gummies, from Elite Hemp Company, is the perfect way to achieve high daily doses of CBD, with 0% THC, letting you enjoy the benefits CBD provides without worrying about drug test results.

With about 20mg per gummy, these tasty gummies are good for our bodies and moods; they help us remain calm and promote a night of great sleep, something difficult to achieve in our busy daily lives. In addition, each gummy contains both hemp oil and coconut oil to achieve the greatest benefits for our bodies and minds, while tasting oh so good.  


Hemp Massage Oil Lavender

 Hemp Massage Oil Lavender

Feeling a little run down and in need of some pampering? Then this Lavender Hemp Massage Oil is for you. Along with the benefit of hemp, this massage oil also combines the medicinal power of arnica, lavender, and peppermint, improving skin health and circulation and reducing pain and inflammation.

Whether using this for some self-love or sharing it with another, this massage oil will have you feeling soothed and relaxed in no time.


Hemp Massage Oil Peppermint

 Hemp Massage Oil Peppermint

Whether you have been feeling a bit stiff after your gym session or need some help relaxing, look no further than this Peppermint Hemp Massage Oil. Combining high-grade hemp, as well as the powerful medicinal benefits of peppermint, arnica, and lavender, you will be feeling fit as a fiddle in no time.

By combining this powerful foursome, you will be feeling relaxed, soothed, and ready to tackle the stressors everyday life can bring. In addition to relieving stress, this uniquely prepared massage oil has beneficial anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, letting you get on with your day after a big session at the gym.