Best CBD Oils and Tinctures in 2020

With every company claiming to have the best CBD oils and tinctures of 2020, it’s hard to figure out which products really are the best. Just like you, we got tired of trying to figure out which companies and products were reliable and safe, as a result, we decided to take matters into our own hands. 

We evaluated over 2000 products, we lab-tested over 650 products, and only 391 made the cut. Among the remaining products were 82 high-quality CBD oils and tinctures.

Read below to find out which CBD oils are our top picks, what makes these products so great, and what key ingredients to consider when doing your own research.

Our Top 5 CBD oils & Tinctures

1. Kanabia’s CBD Oil Turmeric Rosemary Extract 500mg

2. Plant People’s CBD Drops Relief 720mg

3. Healthy Roots’ CBD Deep Roots Tincture Berry 1000mg

4. cbdMD CBD Oil Drops Mint 300mg

5. Koi Naturals’ CBD Oil Orange 500mg

Now that you know what our top 5 CBD oils and tinctures are, let’s look at what makes them so great.

Lab Testing

When you’re trying to figure out whether a CBD oil or tincture is really reliable, the first thing you need to look for is a lab test. When a company has decided to do lab testing on their products it’s a sign that your health and safety is just as important to them, as it is to you.

Although every brand we carry on our website has already performed lab tests, our team here at shopCBD has issued its own independent product testing to ensure that all claims can be validated by our testing facility. In order to be approved as a shopCBD brand partner, all oil and tinctures have been tested for:

  1. Heavy Metals
  2. Microbial Impurities
  3. Cannabinoids
  4. Residual Pesticides
  5. Residual Solvents

Any product didn’t pass any one of our tests didn’t make it onto our site. Why? Because your health and safety are more important than any amount of money could ever be to us.

Transparency is key, and if a company doesn’t want to be open and honest about their products, that’s a red flag. Now that you know the importance of lab testing, what’s next? The ingredients.


The first ingredient to consider is CBD. CBD is a phytocannabinoid that’s created by the decarboxylation of CBDA. This simply means that CBDA needs to be heated over an extended period of time before it’s converted into CBD. This can happen naturally with warm weather exposure or it can happen in a growing facility.

The highest amounts of cannabinoids like CBD and CBDA are found in the flowers of marijuana and hemp. We’ve chosen to source our CBD extracts from hemp because the plant naturally contains as little to no 0.3% THC.

CBD oils and tinctures are generally available in three different formats: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and isolate.

Full-spectrum products made from hemp contain the widest range of cannabinoids as well as 0.3% THC. 

Although many people are fearful of THC, the amount is so low that it’s virtually impossible to get high.

For those that simply want less to no THC in their product but still want to benefit from a wide range of other cannabinoids, broad-spectrum is the perfect choice.

For anyone that undergoes regular drug testing however, CBD isolates are the best choice. A CBD isolate is usually a 99.99% pure CBD extract. There’s absolutely no THC whatsoever in the product and only trace amounts of other cannabinoids.

Besides CBD, there’s a wide range of other ingredients that can be in a CBD oil. The first ingredient is the base or carrier oil.

Some of the most common carrier oils include:

  • MCT oil
  • Hemp oil
  • Grapeseed oil

MCT oil is most commonly made from coconut oil but it can also be made from palm kernel oil. It’s tasteless, light in texture and doesn’t have a color. MCT oil is a really popular addition to the ketogenic diet. The reason why is because it’s one of the only safe metabolism boosters to use long term without affecting the health of your adrenal or thyroid glands.

The amount of MCT oil in most CBD oils however, is unlikely to create a change in your metabolism. The most common reason why companies choose to use MCT oil as a carrier oil is because it increases the absorption rate of the CBD and it also extends the shelf life of the product.

Another popular carrier oil is hemp seed oil. Hemp oil is made from the seeds of the hemp plant. It has an earthy taste, a light texture, and is yellow or amber in color. Hemp seed oil contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals as well as healthy fats and amino acids. It’s an incredibly healthy carrier oil but not everyone can handle the earthy taste.

Grapeseed oil is made from the seeds of grapes. It’s clear in color, light in texture and tasteless. Grapeseed oil is the least common of the carrier oils. It contains a high amount of vitamin E as well as omega 6 fatty acids.

Traditionally, CBD oils only contained CBD and one to two base or carrier oils. With time however, the lines between what makes a CBD oil and tincture different from one another have been blurred. Now, they can also contain essential oils, plant extracts, and more. Adding other ingredients to a CBD oil provides added benefits, but it’s important to do some research about what those benefits are.

Doing research about the other ingredients will help you to know if a product is right for you or not.  

Another aspect of ingredients to think about is where are the ingredients sourced from? Does having organic ingredients matter to you? If it does, then this will be something else that you can look out for when you’re looking at the ingredients in your CBD oil.


A more in-depth look at our top 5 CBD oils and tinctures

As you know, all of the products on our website have best tested by not only one lab, but two. This is our way of making sure that every single one of the products on our website are safe. For a product to make it on our top 5 list though, they needed to have a little something extra. Let’s find out what makes our top 5 so special.

1. Kanabia’s CBD Oil Turmeric Rosemary Extract 500mg


Don’t get us wrong, we’re huge fans of CBD, but when we find a product that combines it with other medicinal plants, we get even more excited to talk about it. Turmeric is a root that’s been used for centuries in both Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. Its primary anti-inflammatory compound is known as curcumin.

According to Health Line curcumin also helps to improve brain function and reduces your risk of developing brain diseases. Talk about a powerhouse.

Rosemary is another plant that helps to reduce inflammation due to its high levels of anti-inflammatory properties. Research has also shown that rosemary has neuroprotective properties and that it helps to improve circulation.

Taking all of these amazing benefits into consideration made this product an easy choice for our top 5 CBD oils and tinctures.

2. Plant People’s CBD Drops Relief 720mg


Similarly to Kanabia’s product, this full spectrum tincture contains turmeric. What makes this product different from Kanabia’s though, is that it also contains black pepper oil and ginger oil. Some research suggests that black pepper has the ability to increase the bioavailability of turmeric’s active anti-inflammatory compound known as curcumin.

That’s why in many turmeric supplements they add in a small amount of black pepper. Black pepper contains anti-inflammatory properties and has been shown to help improve circulation. Although we love the added benefits of black pepper, if you have a very sensitive stomach black pepper might cause you to experience some digestive discomfort.

Another powerful ingredient in this tincture is ginger oil. Ginger, which is a type of root, has also been used for centuries to treat nausea and other digestive disturbances. What many people don’t know however, is that it too, is highly anti-inflammatory.

3. Healthy Roots’ CBD Deep Roots Tincture Berry 1000mg


This CBD tincture is in our top five because it contains food-grade flavoring sourced from blueberries. We have yet to find another company that has created such a unique flavor profile for their CBD tincture. It’s a full spectrum and contains around 33mg of CBD per dropper.

It also contains additional cannabinoids such as CBG, CBC, CBN, and CBV along with a wide range of flavonoids and terpenes. The quality versus price point of this product makes it a fan favorite.  

4. cbdMD CBD Oil Drops Mint 300mg


We love this product because it is one of the best CBD intro products. Containing 300mg of broad-spectrum CBD per bottle it gives you a chance to figure out whether CBD is the right choice for you. The quality of the CBD is among the highest available and the price point is one of the lowest that we carry on site.

At 10mg of CBD per dropper, you can easily introduce CBD to your body without the fear of experiencing any side effects. It’s also a great choice for anyone looking to avoid THC.

5. Koi Naturals’ CBD Oil Orange 500mg


Last on our list is none other than Koi Naturals. Known to have one of the best flavor profiles and highest quality CBD out there, we just had to include them on our list. 

Featuring Koi’s patented PRIZM™ broad-spectrum CBD extract along with 13 distinct terpenes that provide the perfect mix of flavors to have you coming back for more. The 500mg version of this oil contains 10mg’s of CBD per dropper which makes it yet another great choice for anyone in search of an introductory CBD product.

Key Takeaways

Now that we’ve arrived at the end of our article, let’s recap all the things that you should be looking for when purchasing a CBD oil or tincture. Even though we’ve shared our top 5 with you, your top 5 might be different and that’s okay.

Just be sure to always that:

  1. It’s been lab-tested
  2. The type of extract (full, broad, isolate) is clearly defined
  3. The additional ingredients are safe for consumption
  4. Any claims being made about the product have been proven
  5. The price point matches the quality and amount of CBD in the product

If you’re not sure how much CBD you should be taking each day, our CBD dosage calculator can help you to figure it out.

If you have any questions or concerns about the information provided in this article feel free to reach out to our team of wellness experts through chat, email or by phone.



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