Brand Spotlight: Bluebird Botanicals

We’re proud of all the brands we carry on We’ve gone through a rigorous selection process to bring you the best of the best CBD brands in the country. With that in mind, we’d like to take a little time to shed a light on the partners we work with; the people behind them, the stories that brought them to where they are today, and the business practices that we’re proud to champion with them. These brands are the leaders of the CBD world – the faces of CBD wellness, today and tomorrow and long into the future.


The Bluebird Botanicals CBD Story

Bluebird Botanicals was formed in 2012, in the epicenter of the CBD movement; Boulder, Colorado. Hemp and cannabis advocate-turned-entrepreneur Brandon J. Beatty founded the company with a simple mission: to produce the world’s highest-quality CBD extracts and to make them accessible to everyone that needs them.

Since launching their first CBD product in 2013, Bluebird Botanicals has quickly become a leading force of the CBD movement, setting standards in honesty, transparency, social justice, and above all – quality.

Once Bluebird Botanicals launched their soon-to-be-award-winning products in 2013, they didn’t stop there. They built out one of the most impressive ranges of CBD products available anywhere. They set up assistance programs to make sure those who need CBD can get it. They won a host of awards, including #1 Hemp Company of 2018 at the Cannabis Business Awards. They were the first CBD company to receive a glyphosate-residue-free certification.

And they’re not done yet – they’re just getting started.


Why we love Bluebird Botanicals

First and foremost, we get excited about brands that share our values – to teach the world about CBD, and to make it affordable and accessible to all.

Bluebird Botanicals embody those traits like no other.

Just a few of their admirable initiatives include:

  • Assistance programs. Bluebird Botanicals have reduced-cost programs for vulnerable populations like veterans, low-income persons, and persons with long-term disabilities. Both shopCBD and Bluebird Botanicals believe in affordable access to CBD, and we’re proud to partner with a brand who puts their money where their mouth is.
  • Charitable contributions. Bluebird’s mission to help the world doesn’t stop at providing top-tier CBD – they also contribute regularly to a number of admirable causes, like the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, the American Cancer Society, the ACLU, and the National Veterans Foundation.
  • Fairness of cost. Bluebird Botanicals are committed to providing affordable CBD extracts at the lowest possible prices – because people can’t reap the benefits of CBD if they can’t afford it.

Along with these admirable initiatives, Bluebird Botanicals is famous for its CBD quality. They have pioneered production standards for the entire industry, with their leading quality control systems. They use FDA-registered manufacturing facilities, and everything is made according to the guidelines of both the FDA and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. CBD companies are not required by law to have their facilities audited by a third-party, but Bluebird Botanicals do it anyway – because they’re committed to top-notch quality. A recent audit conducted by Eurofins Scientific gave them a score of 99% compliance. For reference, a passing score is 70%.

Along with their attention to detail during the manufacturing process, Bluebird Botanicals also maintain a batch database, where customers can use a QR code to see the lab reports and Certificate of Analysis for the specific batch of CBD product they have in their hands.

It’s this unflinching and unfailing commitment to quality and transparency that make us so proud to be partnered with Bluebird Botanicals – along with lots more.


Star Products

While we love every product that we carry from Bluebird Botanicals (we wouldn’t carry it otherwise), a few stand out as being the best of the best. Shop our favorites right here:

Bluebird Botanicals CBD Oil Complete 6x Concentrated 3000mg – the gold standard in CBD oils, containing both decarboxylated (CBD) and non-decarboxylated (CBD-A) cannabinoids.

Bluebird Botanicals Pets CBD Oil Companion 500mg – the best of the best, for the best of pets. Safe for cats, dogs, birds, and even bunnies, with over 500mg of cannabinoids per bottle.

Bluebird Botanicals CBD Oil Extract Signature 500mg -  a great place to start out, Bluebird’s Signature extract contains everything you need to start your CBD journey.


Find out why Bluebird Botanicals are many people’s favorite CBD brand – shop the full collection here.