Brand Spotlight: Green Roads

We’re proud of all the brands we carry on We’ve gone through a rigorous selection process to bring you the best of the best CBD brands in the country. With that in mind, we’d like to take a little time to shed a light on the partners we work with; the people behind them, the stories that brought them to where they are today, and the business practices that we’re proud to champion with them. These brands are the leaders of the CBD world – the faces of CBD wellness, today and tomorrow and long into the future.

The Green Roads CBD Story

All great brands start with a story. Green Roads is no different.

In 2012, Green Roads founder (and licensed compound pharmacist of 20 years) Laura Baldwin Fuentes received some troubling news from a family friend – he was struggling with opioid addiction.

It’s not a unique story – in fact, today, it’s far too common. Arby Barroso, Fuentes’ partner and Green Roads founder, was one among millions of Americans struggling with opiates.

But his solution was unique. He didn’t opt for pharmaceutical drugs like methadone or suboxone, which can create a dependence of their own. He chose CBD.

Once they witnessed the power of CBD first-hand, they knew they had found their calling – and they turned their talents to producing world-class Green Roads CBD products.

From there, Green Roads was born – and they’ve only grown since.


Why we love Green Roads

At shopCBD, we believe in the power of CBD – and we’re proud to work with brands that share that belief.

As part of our commitment to quality CBD products, we’ve curated and vetted all the best brands in the country. That’s why we’re proud to carry award-winning products from Green Roads, winners of the Best CBD Product award at the 2018 Cannabis Business Awards.

And that’s not their only recent award – their cofounder, Arby Barroso, was named Advocate of the Year 2018 by the CBA’s, for his tireless commitment to sharing the virtues of CBD with the world.

Just another reason we’re proud to work with companies like Green Roads - they share our vision of spreading the word about CBD.


Green Roads Star Products

Having established that Green Roads is a premium CBD brand with excellent values, we’d like to share with you some of their star CBD products that we’ve carefully curated for you.

We’re confident you will love any one of the Green Roads products we carry, and some of them are even available at a discount, but we’ve chosen a few exceptional favorites:

Their flagship product, the Green Roads Relax Bears 10mg (300mg total), is as good as it gets when it comes to CBD gummies. Featuring 300mg of broad-spectrum CBD per bottle, they’re pharmacist-formulated, easy to carry, and really, really delicious.

For those who need a boost of energy along with their CBD, check out Green Roads CBD Coffee 500mg – it’s preground for your convenience, and each bag contains a whopping 500mg of broad-spectrum CBD. Completely THC-free, so no risk of drowsiness. Start your mornings off right with Green Roads CBD Coffee.

And finally, for those seeking relief of muscle and joint pain, look no further than Green Roads CBD Muscle & Joint Heat Relief 500mg roll-on. With soothing menthol and advanced heating technology, this roll-on might be the perfect thing for your sore muscles.


For premium CBD products that come from the heart, Green Roads and shopCBD are here to help. Shop our full collection now.