How long does CBD stay in your system?

How long does CBD stay in your system for? It depends. Which type of CBD product are you using and how many milligrams are you taking each day? These two factors and more will greatly affect how long CBD stays in your system for. To learn all about how CBD works, how long it stays in the system for, and which products effects will be felt the longest, continue reading below.

Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, has greatly increased in popularity in recent years. It’s a cannabinoid that’s found in both marijuana and hemp. Although this compound may be a close cousin of THC, it is non-psychoactive, meaning it won’t produce a high effect. 


One question that may arise before trying CBD is how long the cannabinoid will stay active in the body for. Athletes, in particular, may be concerned that it will show up in future drug tests.

Thankfully, CBD will not show up during these tests, though there is a risk that THC might. As such, it’s important to choose the right form of CBD.

The products on shopCBD come in three different forms:

  • Full-spectrum, which uses whole-plant extract and contains traces of a wide range of cannabinoids including THC.
  • Broad-spectrum, which generally uses a whole-plant extract as well, but removes THC.
  • CBD isolate, which only contains CBD. Here, all other cannabinoids have been removed, including THC. As such, this is the safest option for concerned athletes.

How long Does CBD Stay in Your System For?

There are many factors that affect how long CBD stays active in the body for. Before we look into the countless products one can choose from, we should consider the consumer in question. Indeed, metabolisms differ greatly from one person to another.

Two people who consume the exact same sandwich may need vastly different amounts of time before they are hungry again. The breakdown and evacuation of CBD from within our system works the same way.

Though we can establish averages with research, two people who consume the same amount of CBD may require completely different amounts of time to absorb, metabolize, and eliminate the cannabinoid. When looking at the products in question, the delivery method and the quantity consumed both have a large impact.

CBD Product Bioavailability

CBD has been packaged into an amazing variety of products and formats. As a result, the methods through which we consume this cannabinoid vary greatly as well. For example, when CBD is taken sublingually it is quickly absorbed. However, it is also eliminated quite rapidly.

A study published in both the Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics and Cannabis: From Pariah to Prescription found that the half-life of 10mg of CBD consumed sublingually is 1.09 hours. Half-lives are used in research to represent the amount of time required for the concentration of a substance to be reduced by half. It is generally accepted that a consumed compound requires four to five half-lives to no longer affect the body. 

In comparison, when CBD is ingested in the form of a capsule or edible it takes longer to be both absorbed and eliminated. In the form of a 10mg capsule, for example, CBD has a half-life of 2.95 hours. As such, it would take approximately 14.75 hours for the effects of that 10mg capsule of CBD to become negligible.

Finally, in the case of topicals, we do not yet know exactly how long CBD stays in the system for. However, research with animal models has found that topical CBD gel has a half-life ranging from 0.84 to 6.04 hours. As such, it would take approximately 0.76 to 5.44 hours to no longer feel the effects of the topical CBD.

In addition, the frequency at which the CBD is consumed will also play a role in how long it stays in our system. For example, a person who consumes a single dose of CBD once out of curiosity will not have the cannabinoid in their system as long as a daily CBD consumer. For example, it was found that consuming 700mg CBD capsules daily for 6 weeks resulted in a half-life of 2 to 5 days after the final capsule.

CBD Serving Sizes

It is also important to consider the size of the CBD serving that is consumed. The amount of CBD in a serving will have a large impact on how long it takes to completely evacuate the cannabinoid from one’s system. It goes without saying, but 5mg of CBD will be metabolized and eliminated much faster than 50mg.

When trying to determine the ideal CBD serving size, it is best not to rush into elevated doses. Starting with a smaller dose to see how it feels and how long it lasts can help determine how much a consumer will need in the future. Our CBD shop is also happy to offer a Dosage Calculator to help you get started.

Which Products Should You Use?

For those that are looking to feel the effects of CBD for longer periods of time, it is best to either use CBD edibles or capsules or to take a CBD oil or tincture frequently throughout the day. As previously mentioned, it’s not just the type of product that determines how long it will stay in the body for, it’s also how many milligrams that are taken.  

With that in mind, we’ve created a short list of products that will help consumers looking to feel the effects of CBD for longer periods of time.

CBD Hemp Capsules 900mg by Papa & Barkley

CBD Hemp Capsules 900mg by Papa & Barkley

These capsules contain approximately 30mg of full spectrum CBD per capsule for a total of 900mg of CBD per bottle. Because they contain a full spectrum extract, they are not the best choice for anyone that undergoes regular drug testing. For those who are looking to benefit from the entourage effect however, these capsules are a great choice.

CBD Gel Capsules 1500mg by Medterra

CBD Gel Capsules 1500mg by Medterra

These capsules contain 50mg of isolate CBD per capsule! That is one of the highest amounts of CBD that we’ve seen a capsule form so far. Although this is great for those looking to feel the effects of CBD for as long as possible, it’s important to keep in mind that this amount might be too much for some people’s bodies to handle.

Drowsiness, dry mouth, nausea, and fatigue are the common side effects experienced when someone has taken too much CBD for their body. For those who have never used CBD before, we recommend taking a look at our CBD dosage calculator before purchasing this product.

For consumers that are already aware of how much CBD to take this product is a safe and simple way of getting a daily dose of CBD without any THC whatsoever.

CBD Gummies 30 count 750mg by cbdMD

CBD Gummies 30 count 750mg by cbdMD

These gummies are the perfect choice for those who don’t enjoy using capsules. They taste delicious and contain approximately 25mg of CBD per gummy for a total of 750mg per bottle.

These gummies contain a relatively large amount of CBD per gummy and can be easily cut into two. They also contain an isolate CBD extract which makes them the perfect choice for anyone that undergoes regular drug testing.

What to Eat for Better Absorption

To experience the best results from CBD products, it’s best to take them with another form of fat. Doing so will help to improve the absorption rate of the CBD.

Some healthy fats include:

  • Olive, MCT or hemp seed oil
  • Avocadoes
  • Fatty fish such as salmon
  • Chia or flax seeds
  • Eggs
  • Nuts
  • Yogurt (made from either standard dairy or vegan sources)

For those that don’t like the idea of consuming CBD in capsule or edible form, CBD tinctures and oils can easily be added to recipes. To learn about how to incorporate CBD into food check out our blog CBD cooking made easy: simple tips for cooking with CBD oil.

Key Takeaways

The length of time CBD stays in the system for is determined by three main factors:

  • CBD product type
  • Amount of CBD taken
  • Frequency of consumption

The product type determines the bioavailability rate of the CBD. The amount of CBD that is taken along with the frequency of its consumption will determine how long it remains active in the system. To feel the effects of CBD as quickly as possible a CBD oil or tincture is best. To feel the effect of CBD for the longest amount of time CBD capsules or edibles are the best choice. For localized issues, CBD topicals may be the better choice.

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