How To Take CBD Oil

If you’re curious about how to take CBD oil, then you have come to the right place!

For many people, how to take CBD oil is a common question, along with where to buy CBD oil online. There are a lot of different places to buy CBD online and just as many variables when it comes to answering how to take CBD oil.

In the following article, we’re going to take a very close look at some of the variables involves in calculating how much CBD oil to take and some great CBD oil products for beginners. Don’t worry if you’re new to the whole CBD oil scene, and we’ll cover everything there is to know about calculating how much CBD oil you should take.


What Is CBD Oil?

There are hundreds of different CBD products available to buy online, many of them with different ingredients, but they all have one thing in common – CBD. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the two most abundant cannabinoids found in both the hemp and marijuana plants. This natural product is gaining popularity around the world because of its versatility.

Unlike THC, CBD has no psychotropic properties. What does that mean? It means that CBD isn’t going to get you high. There are dozens of different CBD products hitting the market around the world, but the most common by far is CBD oil.

When you first get started with CBD, the easiest and most effective way to take CBD is as an oil. It’s easy to calculate how much you should take, it’s discreet, and doesn’t involve any other equipment such as a vaporizer or pipe. If you have been curious about whether CBD could benefit you, then one of the easiest ways to get started is with high-quality CBD oil.

There are a variety of advantages and disadvantages to each delivery method, and in the next section we’re going to take a look at the importance of bioavailability and why it can influence the decision you make when you’re looking at different CBD oils and how much CBD oil you should take.


What Is Bioavailability?

Every compound that you take has a bioavailability number associated with it. Basically, bioavailability is how much of the compound makes it from your mouth or entry point and into your bloodstream.

To better explain what bioavailability is and how it works, we’ll look at CBD oil. When you take, for example, 50ml of CBD oil, approximately 30% of that CBD oil will be destroyed by the body as it passes through the digestive system. There are other delivery methods such as vaping that have higher bioavailability scores, but they also have a disadvantage.

The lower the bioavailability score, the less CBD makes it to its final destination. However, the advantage of this is that the CBD will stay in your system longer. The higher the bioavailability score, the faster you’ll feel the effects of the CBD, but the CBD will leave your system faster. This is going to require you to take CBD more frequently.

The advantage of lower bioavailability is that it requires less frequent dosage and can be an easy and discreet way to enjoy the benefits of CBD.


How Much CBD Oil Should I Take?

When it comes to answering how much CBD oil you should take, there are four main variables that you need to consider. The four main variables that we need to look at are your weight, your symptoms, your tolerance for CBD, and how to calculate your dosage based on these variables.

No two people are the same, and neither are their conditions. What works for one person may not work for another person. The symptoms associated with different conditions can also vary in severity. Hopefully, with the different variables, you’ll have a much better idea of how much CBD you should take.

  1. Weight – Your weight is the first significant variable that we need to look at when we consider how much CBD you should take. The size of your body will play a significant role in how much CBD you should take. The bigger you are, the more CBD you’re going to need to take in order for the effects to be felt.
  2. Symptom Severity – No two people or their conditions are just the same. Symptoms are always going to vary from person to person, and if you’re suffering from severe symptoms associated with your condition, then you may be required to take more CBD.
  3. ToleranceIf you have been using cannabis or hemp products for a long time, you may start to build up a tolerance to CBD products. You may notice that over time you need to take more CBD to get the same results. This will require you to adjust your dosage over time. Some people find they need to take less CBD, while others need to take a little bit more to experience the same effects.
  4. Calculating Your Dosage – It’s essential that you follow pay close attention to the manufacturer’s dosage instructions. They will recommend approximately how much you should take based on your weight. You’ll then need to adjust your dosage to consider your symptom severity and your tolerance. An easy example of this is if there is 1000mg of CBD in a 30ml bottle, then just divide 1000 by 30, which will give you the exact amount of CBD in the dropper.


Key Takeaways & Our Top 3 CBD Oils For Beginners

It’s essential that you take it slowly with CBD in the first few weeks. It’s much easier to adjust your dosage levels up than it is to decrease the amount of CBD you’re taking. Start off slowly with any CBD products, especially if you’re just getting started with CBD, or you have decided to switch to a different product or brand.

There is always going to be a certain amount of trial and error with any compound that you first start taking. Take it slowly and give the CBD a few weeks before you decide to increase your dosage. It may take a little time, but this versatile product truly is one of the most popular natural compounds in the world, and every day that passes, we are learning more and more about it.


Top 3 CBD Oils For Beginners

  1. Kanabia’s CBD Oil Turmeric Rosemary Extract 500mg - This is one of the most popular CBD products available because of the way that it combines CBD, turmeric, and rosemary. It contains full-spectrum CBD and the natural anti-inflammatory properties of both rosemary and turmeric.
  2. CBD Drops Relief 720mg – If you are struggling with pain or inflammation, then this could be the perfect CBD product for you because it combines CBD with turmeric, ginger, and curcumin. All these elements combine to create a potent natural anti-inflammatory that’s great for reducing inflammation and pain associated with inflammation.
  3. CBD Deep Roots Tincture Berry 1000mg – If you love the taste of fresh berries, then you’ll fall in love with this delicious tincture. It combines CBD with a variety of other cannabinoids, including CBG, CBC, CBN, and CBV. Tinctures are an effective way to get your daily serving of CBD.

If you have any questions about CBD, where to buy CBD online, or how to take CBD oil, then please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. Our friendly and professional team are only too happy to help you out.