Lab testing matters

What’s in your CBD?

We all know we should be careful with what goes into our bodies; with people becoming more health-conscious all the time, more and more attention is paid to what we consume.

But it’s not just food that we should be keeping an eye on.

As with anything else you’re going to ingest, you should know that the CBD oils, tinctures, and other products that you’re taking are also healthy and free of any contaminants, adulterants, or toxins.

That’s why every single product on is lab tested – to make sure you’re getting nothing but the absolute best product, with no harmful additives or residual chemicals.


So what could be in there?

shopCBD is committed to giving you the very best, safest, and healthiest products on the market. In order to make good on that commitment, our quality assurance processes demand that every product meets the standard before it hits our digital shelves.

So what are we testing for, exactly?

Lots of stuff:

Fungi and molds – We make sure nothing funky is growing on, in, or around the hemp and CBD we sell.

Impurities and residual solvents – CBD is often extracted from the plant using a solvent, or CO2. We make sure that none of the solvents make it into the finished product.

Heavy Metals – We make sure no heavy metals (think lead, not Black Sabbath) were absorbed by the plant before, during or after the extraction process.

Pesticides – Pesticides can be useful in protecting your crops, but you definitely don’t want to ingest them. We make sure you don’t.

Cannabinoids and potency – This is checking that the product actually contains what it says on the bottle. If it’s advertised as 500mg of CBD, we make sure it’s 500mg – not more, not less. We’re also checking that levels of THC are as advertised, and within legal limits.

Essentially, our lab tests make sure that your CBD products contain what they should, and don’t contain what they shouldn’t.

Simple stuff.


Hold on, did you say “heavy metals”?

Yup. And we’re not talking about your cousin’s garage band.

Why would we even need to check for that? Why would CBD contain heavy metals like lead?

It’s because the hemp plant is a bioaccumulator. That means it easily absorbs any materials found in its environment. So if the soil you’re growing your hemp in is dirty or contaminated in any way, those contaminants are going to end up in your hemp flower – and maybe even in your CBD extract.

So we make 100% sure, every single time, that no pesticides, heavy metals, or any other nasty stuff make it into the CBD you take. If the place where you buy your CBD isn’t making that promise, it’s time to find a new source. You can’t be too careful when it comes to contaminants.


How to make sure you’re getting clean CBD

So now you’ve learned all the nasty stuff that could potentially end up in hemp and CBD products.

It doesn’t mean you should stop taking CBD. It doesn’t have to be cause for alarm. All it means is you should get all your CBD products from a trusted source, who do their due diligence and test every single product they sell.

Lucky for you, you already found that source.

Take a look at shopCBD’s selection of lab tested, 100% clean CBD products.