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Most of us have heard of magnesium at least once. Magnesium is an essential mineral responsible for ensuring upwards of 500 enzymes work properly in our bodies. Magnesium is often available as pills and capsules and as magnesium powder, and of course, in foods naturally rich in magnesium, such as spinach, almonds, and pumpkin seeds.

With the dietary intake of magnesium dwindling in recent years, it has become apparent that many of us are actually magnesium deficient. In fact, recent studies show that between 68-72% of adults in the Western world are consuming less than the recommended dietary intake of magnesium.

The lack of magnesium in our diets has a profound influence on the proper functioning of our bodies. Inadequate magnesium intake is linked with many conditions, including hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression, aggression, and anxiety.

Because magnesium affects so many physiological functions in our bodies, it is incredibly important we are getting enough magnesium daily.

Supplementation of magnesium has been shown to offset various disease states, especially in those associated with alcoholism, eclampsia, atherosclerosis, and asthma. One great way to supplement magnesium into your diet is with magnesium powder. But what exactly is magnesium? And how does it work to help our bodies? Let’s find out.

What Is Magnesium?

Magnesium is an essential mineral utilized by our bodies. It is often used in many cellular processes as a cofactor, including over 300 biochemical reactions key for maintaining a healthy body and mind.

The biological functions of magnesium are varied and include aiding in the transport of other important minerals such as calcium. Magnesium is also essential in maintaining healthy cells, allowing cells to communicate with each other, undergo health energy metabolism, and grow properly.

Magnesium deficiency is not uncommon, especially in the Western world. This is through a mixture of changes in the water we drink and the food we eat. This applies especially to processed food, which tends to be very magnesium deficient.

If we think about what we know about magnesium, our thoughts usually go to our muscles, namely, muscle cramps. It has long been known that magnesium is important for normal muscular functioning.

If our bodies are magnesium deficient, this leads to an over-concentration of the mineral calcium, leaving our muscles in an overly excited state, resulting in what we experience as muscular cramps.

Magnesium is not only essential for maintaining healthy muscle, but it's also involved in processes relating to mood and mental wellbeing.

How Does Magnesium Work?

Magnesium works in our body through two main roles, allowing biochemical reactions to occur, and making the tissues in our body happy.

When we eat food, especially foods high in magnesium such as green leafy vegetables, bananas, legumes, and nuts, magnesium is absorbed by our gastrointestinal system.

When there are problems with our gastrointestinal system or the foods we eat are magnesium deficient, we begin to run into problems.

In gastrointestinal disorders, such as intestinal malabsorption, or if we have a diet very low in magnesium, it results in a range of complications. Anorexia, nausea, vomiting, lethargy, and weakness are the typical early stages of magnesium deficiency.

Muscular cramps then supersede these, irritability, decreased attention span, mood issues, and confusion may occur when we are deficient in magnesium for a long period of time.

Not only can the symptoms of magnesium deficiency be debilitating, but it also lends ourselves to be at risk of major complications, such as heart disease, congestive heart failure, sudden cardiac death, diabetes, eclampsia, hypertension, and mood disorders.

Never to fear, because there is a raft of investigations that support that these complications are avoided by supplementing with magnesium powder. The mood-stabilizing effects of magnesium supplements can be profound.

Several studies have shown that magnesium supplementation can reduce the symptoms of depression, improve clinical symptoms of mania, improve bipolar disorder, and alleviate symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Of course, if you have one or more of these conditions, it’s always best to speak with your doctor, but regardless, ensuring you’re not deficient in magnesium is good for your overall health and wellbeing.

CBD and Magnesium Powder for You

CBD and magnesium work to combat similar symptoms and conditions. In addition to CBD's well-known benefits in combating symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety, magnesium also appears to improve these conditions. Supplementation of magnesium into the diets of mice and rats has shown the ability to significantly decrease aggressive and anxiety-related behavior. Similarly, CBD has also been shown to reduce anxiety and depressive symptoms in rats and humans.

One major symptom of anxiety and depression CBD may help combat is an anxiety-related disruption in sleep, especially rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. In turn, CBD potentially indirectly helping sleep may alleviate anxiety and depression, both of which are closely associated with sleep deprivation.

Helping to combat mood disorders is not the only thing CBD and magnesium can do. Both supplements may also be good for other disorders such as migraines and cardiovascular disease.

Magnesium supplementation has been shown to reduce the severity and frequency of migraine headaches, whereas CBD has been proven to be incredibly useful to help combat migraine induced nausea and vomiting.

Magnesium supplementation significantly lowers the risk of cardiovascular-related deaths and strokes. Along the same lines, CBD has been shown to significantly reduce blood pressure, attenuate oxidative stress, and combat cardiac dysfunction.

CBD and Magnesium Powder

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Hemp90 Protein Plus CBD Powder 15mg by Evo Hemp

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If you are concerned that you fall in the 72% of adults who do not eat their daily recommended intake of magnesium, never fear, as this amazing Hemp90 Protein Powder is here. This remarkable hemp protein powder combines the nutritional and physiological benefits of CBD with magnesium powder.

With 60% of the recommended dietary intake of magnesium per serving, this is truly a blessing for those of us who are simply too busy to ensure we’re getting enough magnesium through food alone.

Key Takeaways

Magnesium, one of the most important essential minerals. Over the past few decades, the consumption of magnesium has fallen to dangerously low levels. Up to 72% of adults in the Western world are magnesium deficient. Magnesium deficiency may be associated with a long-list of complications, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, depression, and anxiety. Though, there is some good news.

Many investigations have shown that we can reduce the risk of these diseases through magnesium supplementation. While in an ideal world, one would get all of their magnesium from food alone, this often isn’t realistic and that’s why supplementing with something like magnesium powder can be so effective and convenient.

By using a magnesium powder supplement you can rest assured that you’re meeting your daily recommended intake of magnesium and reducing the possibility of negative effects caused by magnesium deficiency.

Along the same lines as magnesium, CBD is particularly useful for combating the symptoms of mood disorders, and other conditions. CBD can help lower blood pressure in those at risk of cardiovascular disorders and reduce nausea and vomiting in those who suffer from migraines. Together, magnesium and CBD can help contribute to your health and wellbeing.