Our favorite CBD for Sleep

When it comes to CBD for sleep, there are many excellent choices available. With so many to choose from, how do you decide? Well, we've got you covered. As experts in the field of CBD, we have tested many competing products, but none of them are as effective as the ones we sell. Our favorite CBD product for a restful night is CBD Fast Acting Drops Sleep 720mg by Plant People.


How Do CBD Tincture Work?

CBD can come in many forms. One of the most popular is tinctures. In order to produce a CBD tincture, the flowers of the cannabis plant have to be steeped in high-proof grain alcohol. Alternately, isolates can be used. The next step involves applying low heat to the hemp plant material for an extended period of time. This will bring out the beneficial compounds within the cannabis plant.

After these have fused with the alcohol, a significant amount of that alcohol will have boiled away. The final result is a concentrated tincture that can be taken orally. Carrier oils are usually added, along with complementary ingredients like orange oil to provide a soothing, sweet aroma and flavor.

The high bioavailability of a CBD tincture ensures that a higher quantity of CBD is delivered into your bloodstream. Your mouth can instantly absorb CBD, which leads to very quick effects. For people who want to use CBD for sleep, choosing a tincture is one the fastest and most effective product formats. It is also very easy to measure out an exact dose, as to the dropper that is included with the bottle of tincture generally measures out one full serving each time it is filled.


What Is Their Bioavailability Rate?

As mentioned earlier, bioavailability is important when it comes to CBD. That is because CBD generally has a low bioavailability, ranging between 13% and 19%, though sometimes it can soar up to 35%. The average bioavailability rate is so low due to it being taken orally and swallowed. As convenient as this method is, it has its drawbacks. The low rate is due to the CBD needing to go through the digestive tract before getting into the bloodstream. Along the way, it loses its potency. The way to avoid waiting up to two hours to enjoy the benefits of CBD for sleep is to take it sublingually.

By holding CBD oil under your tongue, you absorb it directly into your sublingual gland. From there, it travels right into your bloodstream. This serves to accelerate the onset of the effects, requiring approximately 20 minutes rather than a few hours. To achieve a higher bioavailability rate that is closer to 35%, you should hold it under your tongue for around a minute. When you do this correctly, with a tincture purchased from our premium CBD shop, you are sure you get that night of restful sleep that you seek.


Other Ingredients to Look Out For

CBD oil will sometimes contain other ingredients, which are added to enhance the benefits of CBD. Two prominent ingredients to look out for are MCT oil and melatonin. While these are not absolutely necessary to have with CBD, they do provide some valuable benefits.



A popular combination you will find is CBD and MCT oil. MCT stands for medium-chain triglyceride. This is a compound that is found in oils like coconut oil and contains several beneficial properties. Your body can quickly and easily utilize MCT oil for clean energy. The energy that is made available is highly efficient and can give you a clear head when you need it. It works synergistically with CBD oil, which is why it is sometimes added to it.



Melatonin and CBD both promote better and more restful sleep. When you ingest melatonin, your body treats it as if it made it on its own. The same goes for CBD. Melatonin helps you regulate your body's circadian rhythm, which is the sleep-wake cycle. During the day, hardly any melatonin gets produced by your body. The evening and nighttime are when it gets produced the most. When you take melatonin with CBD before bed, you boost the levels of both. This helps reduce cortisol levels, which are responsible for stress. Normally, cortisol drops at night, but this may not happen if you are stressed out. That is why taking natural melatonin and CBD is a great way to reduce it, to get that restful sleep you desire.


Our Top Organic Tincture for sleep of 2020

If you want to buy the best organic CBD products, then you should pick one of the following. Here at shopCBD, we pride ourselves on being the best place to buy CBD.


CBD Fast Acting Drops Sleep 720mg by Plant People

This CBD tincture contains MCT oil, as well as organic terpenes that are found in hemp plants. There are 24mg of cannabinoids within 1ml of tincture, which comes out to 720mg for each bottle. If you want a powerful tincture containing CBD for sleep, this is an excellent choice.

If you would prefer a different format for your CBD, we suggest the two following products:


Dissolvable CBD Sleep Tablets 750mg by Medterra

With the combined power of melatonin and 25mg of CBD isolate, these sleep tablets are easy to take and enjoyable to have before bed. When taken an hour or two before bed and placed under the tongue, they give off the fresh taste of spearmint, while working their sleep-promoting magic.

Melatonin CBD Gummies 300mg 60ct by CBDfx

Perhaps the most delicious and fun way to take CBD for sleep, these gummies contain both melatonin and 5mg of broad-spectrum CBD per gummy. The lower levels of CBD in these gummies are great for those who are more sensitive to the effects of melatonin and CBD. These gummies will also leave your mouth feeling lemony fresh.