Our Top 5 CBD Balms

CBD balms happen to be pretty popular these days considering just how effective people claim they have proved to be. CBD balms are so convenient you can carry them no matter where you go. It may not always be easy to know just what kinds to use to get the best results. That is why we have provided a list of CBD balms that are pretty popular. Those include:

  1. CBD Root Butter Muscle Rub by Healthy Roots
  2. CBD Salve Plant Balm by Plant People
  3. CBD Extra Strength Balm by PlusCBD
  4. CBD Hemp Balm by Papa & Barkley
  5. CBD Relaxing Salve by Pure Spectrum

What Is Their Bioavailability Rate?

Before we truly get into the bioavailability rate of CBD it is first important to know what the term actually means. How much of the CBD balm or tincture your body is actually absorbing is known as its bioavailability rate. In order to find this out, you need to determine just how you are using CBD. You could be using a CBD balm, ingesting a tincture either directly or mixed into a drink. You could even be using a vaping CBD. It is entirely up to you and you can shop for any in one of the various CBD shops available.

CBD, if taken into drinks or as capsules has a bioavailability rate of about 6% to 15% that is the lowest range. If you use oils and tinctures it steps up to 15% to 30%. CBD balms and creams have an effective absorption rate of 45% and the method with the highest form of bioavailability rate is CBD vapes that stand at 30% to 50%. How much of it you are applying, ingesting, or inhaling can also make all the difference so a slight swab of CBD balm or using a greater extent can produce varying results.

Other Ingredients To Look Out For


One of the ingredients that usually get added into CBD balms or tinctures is MCT that adds more value to the products. They are known as medium-chain triglycerides that tend to have their own health benefits. Some of them include the loss of weight, which is why they are added into ketogenic diets as well as lowering inflammation. In CBD balms and tinctures, etc. it is used as a base oil to heighten the bioavailability rate that is why here at shopCBD we prefer to add MCT to give you a better experience.


No one is ever truly unfamiliar with lavender considering just how useful it is. That is why using it in CBD balms and tinctures was a natural step to provide more value. Generally, it is used in aromatherapy to provide a calming effect and even treats nasty sunburns while improving circulation and even treating acne. Customers can enjoy such benefits if they buy CBD products either at a CBD shop or just buy CBD online, as they tend to contain lavender essential oils.


There are so many researches highlighting the benefits of peppermint, there is no doubt that it is a useful ingredient. If you face severe nausea or often have digestive issues, peppermint may be the answer to help combat those problems. Since headaches can be frequent companions for so many people, peppermint can be used to ease them and boost energy that just may also result in higher concentration levels. If you are looking for the best place to buy CBD with peppermint essential oil, look no further. We provide several such products in our shopCBD that can help reduce inflammation if you use CBD balms or treat digestion if consumed orally.

The Top 5 CBD balms Of 2020

CBD Root Butter Muscle Rub 500 mg By Healthy Roots

This CBD balm combines a lot of beneficial ingredients such as CBD, useful essential oils as well as nut butters and oils to give a relaxing experience. For only $43.99 one may have their sore muscles feeling soothed and more at ease with 500mg of CBD and merely 0.3% THC.

CBD Salve Plant Balm 420mg By Plant People

For the price of $48.99, this CBD balm has been made available to heal skin and keep it looking fresh and hydrated. With just 0.3% THC and 420mg of CBD, it aims to provide a natural way of keeping the skin lovely.

CBD Extra Strength Balm 100mg By PlusCBD

Containing willow bark, the extra strength CBD can help act as a natural aspirin by lessening any pains and aches for a mere price of $39.99. It is perfect for those who suffer pain consistently and need a natural remedy provided by willow bark.

CBD Hemp Balm 108mg By Papa & Barkley

For the price of $27.99, this CBD balm includes ingredients like CBD and essential oils that may offer dual benefits to help relieve any sore muscles while also rejuvenating the skin by keeping it hydrated.

CBD Relaxing Salve 250mg By Pure Spectrum

This CBD relaxing salve as per its name helps to relax and feel more at ease due to the ingredients added in. It is available at our CBDshop for $44.99 and also contains 0.3% THC.