Plant People CBD Products Are Some of ShopCBD’s Favorites

While there are many options of CBD online, Plant People CBD stands out. With the availability of CBD products on the rise and an ever-increasing market, it can be hard to sift through the masses and find a high-quality product that you love and that also works well.

So how do you differentiate between the numerous options? The answer is simple; High-quality ingredients, powerful formulas, and a company ethos that resonates. Plant People CBD has it all, with star products that stand out, including CBD Relief Drops, CBD Fast Acting Organic Sleep Drops, Be Calm CBD Capsules, and CBD Salve Plant Balm available from ShopCBD. 

When it comes to producing CBD, not all brands are made equal. It is essential for the oils to be extracted from high-quality strains to get the results you want without any harmful side effects. But what makes Plant People different from the other CBD companies on the market? Let’s find out more.


About Plant People

Plant People was inspired by the co-founders Gabe Kennedy and Hudson Gaines-Ross and their shared experience of spinal cord injuries.

Gabe and Hudson struggled with the various traditional pharmaceuticals prescribed, which left them feeling unwell. Ultimately, they found healing with plant-based medicine and cannabis, which gave them physical and mental relief. From this, they wanted to create a business centered around natural and plant-based treatment, with the option for others to purchase quality CBD products online.

Plant People is backed by science, with the company focusing on looking at plant genetics to produce numerous benefits for the mind and body. This has resulted in the production of various CBD products, from balms to drops and capsules.

Because they have come from a background of understanding how debilitating aches, pains, and mental health can be affected, both co-founders are highly passionate about the effectiveness of their products. They offer organic, non-GMO, and vegan options that work to improve mental focus, anxiety, sleep, and everyday body pains. 

The Plant People company specializes in the hemp form of cannabis. This form offers the potent effects of the cannabinoids and terpene profiles present, without any of the intoxicating effects of THC, the cannabinoid found in cannabis that causes a high.


What Makes Plant People Different?

Plant People prides itself on creating high-quality, innovative products that work. Their mission is simple: harnessing the power of plants to heal and connect people with a wide range of needs. In doing so, they want to empower others to make alternative and positive choices for healing the body and mind.

This is reflected in their thorough production process, from sourcing the best plant genetics to implementing excellent extraction methods and delivery systems.

They also get additional help from scientists and alternative medicine doctors who tirelessly experiment with botanicals and herbs to ensure the best quality effects.

The results speak for themselves: Plant People produce products with effective, powerful, and innovative formulas that won’t break the bank. 

Plant People also partners with American Forests, a non-profit conservation organization that works to create healthy forests. These deliver a range of benefits to others, wildlife, and the environment. Every product sold from Plant People plants a tree through this organization, contributing to the company’s quest to give back to nature.


Plant People Star Products

Plant People have various products with an extensive range of effects, available for purchase from ShopCBD. All Plant People products have been tested for solvents, microbial impurities, pesticides, and heavy metals.


CBD Drops Relief

 CBD Drops Relief

CBD Drops Relief is a powerhouse product packed with beneficial ingredients, including turmeric, ginger, and black pepper, for those dealing with recurring pain and inflammation. The presence of curcumin compounds in turmeric works in synergy with black pepper for easier absorption, and alongside ginger, it helps reduce pain and inflammation within the body. 


CBD fast Acting Organic Sleep Drops

 CBD fast acting organic sleep drops

CBD fast Acting Organic Sleep Drops is a sleep aid that works quickly to give you a restful night. MCT oil is combined with an organic botanical terpene complex that works synergistically to promote relaxation when you need it most.

This product contains high-quality CBD, alongside 720mg of a wide range of cannabinoids, for someone looking for a quality CBD product that will help them get a good night’s sleep. This product is also vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO, and the easy dropper method makes this an excellent option for a wide range of people.


CBD Capsules Be Calm

 CBD capsules Be Calm

If you prefer capsules instead of droppers, CBD Capsules Be Calm is an easy way of incorporating CBD to reduce stress and anxiety throughout the body. These THC-free capsules combine CBD isolate with a mixture of medicinal herbs and plants, including L-Theanine from green tea and ashwagandha. These natural compounds have been shown to promote rejuvenation and balance throughout the mind and body while reducing stress.

Consumption of these capsules for optimum results is simple: take one during a meal that contains a form of fat, like avocados or nuts.


Plant People’s CBD Salve Plant Balm

 CBD Salve Plant Balm 420mg

Plant People’s CBD balm is an easy and external way of incorporating CBD, with the bonus of hydrating and healing your skin. This beeswax-based balm contains a full-spectrum extract for a guaranteed high-quality product, with 420mg cannabinoids per container.

The balm’s targeted effects are pain and inflammation relief, while still giving you soft and hydrated skin. This salve is also made from high-quality ingredients, like beeswax and extra virgin coconut oil, alongside powerful essential oils that help relieve and clear your mind and body.