Social CBD Products Are Some of ShopCBD’s Favorites

CBD products from Social CBD are some of ShopCBD favorites and for a good reason. With the increase of places to buy CBD online, especially in the last few years, finding a quality CBD product that works for you can be intimidating and confusing at the best of times.

The reputable brand has a wide range of products, from vape pens to gummies, so you can find the option that works the most effectively for your needs. Some of their star products include Hemp-Derived CBD Muscle Rub, CBD Natural Drops, CBD Recover Gel Caps, and Pet CBD Hemp Tincture Peanut Butter available from ShopCBD.

Why is it important to choose the correct CBD option? Buying from a reputable company and CBD shop means you are guaranteed a quality product that actually works. It also means less chance of getting a contaminated sample or one with improper dosage, both of which can harm your health and wallet.


About Social CBD

Social CBD understands the pressures of modern life. In a world that can be stressful and overwhelming, they want you to reconnect with what really matters: connections with others and enjoying life. Social CBD has a strong commitment to providing quality-assured natural wellness solutions for modern life.

Not only are SocialCBD products 100% plant-based, but they are also third-party tested and quality controlled, so you are guaranteed product effectiveness. They are highly passionate about ensuring purity in their products, so their testing system is pretty vigorous before their products are released into the market.

The CBD within their products is tested five times for solvents, pesticides, and heavy metals, among other compounds.

They also ensure no harmful CDC-identified compounds or any cutting agents, such as vitamin E acetate, are present within their CBD products.

The absence of the THC compound in all of their products means no addictive or psychoactive effects on users. While the current US federal regulations are 0.3% THC present in CBD products, Social CBD products test at 0.0%, or non detect, in their quest to make exceptionally high-purity CBD products available for use.


How Is Social CBD Different?

Unlike many of its competitors, Social CBD really cares about its customers and demonstrates this in a variety of ways.

Firstly, they aim to provide high-quality, trusted, and cannabinoid-rich hemp products that have undergone world-class manufacturing procedures and have been extensively analyzed in the lab. The result is a highly pure, very potent product that works.

Alongside their products, Social CBD also wants to drive a global wellness movement that aims to make achieving health as simple as possible. How do they do this? SocialCBD provides quality education, ensuring a connection is established and maintained as they consistently produce widely available high-quality hemp products.

Lastly, the appearance of their products reflects its quality and potency. Social CBD’s oils undergo a rigorous purification process to exclude residual compounds and plant materials, like chlorophyll, resulting in pure, transparent oil. This highly refined process also means that all Social CBD products contain zero THC, perfect for those wanting to reap CBD’s benefits without any additional side effects, like the psychoactive ones from the THC cannabinoid.


Social CBD Star Products

Social CBD has a wide range of products for a variety of different effects, available from ShopCBD. All SocialCBD products have been tested for pesticides, microbial impurities, solvents, and heavy metals.


Hemp-Derived CBD Muscle Rub

 Hemp Derived CBD Muscle Rub 250mg

For general wellness or targeted topical pain relief, Hemp-Derived CBD Muscle Rub is a perfect option for everyday use or on-the-go applications whenever needed. So what makes this rub so unique? A combination of compounds that work together for anti-inflammation effects. A wide range of anti-inflammatory plant ingredients, including menthol and tea tree, work in conjunction with MSM, with added moisture-rich aloe vera and vitamin E to enhance skin health. This THC-free rub contains 250mg of CBD isolate and absorbs quickly into the skin.


CBD Drops Natural

 CBD Drops Natural

If drops are more your cup of tea, CBD Drops Natural by SocialCBD is a great-tasting and effective option. These THC-free drops combine the earthy flavors of hemp with the naturally sweet taste of stevia for relaxation and stress relief.

Taking these drops makes having a daily serving of CBD easy—squeeze the top of the dropper to extract the amount of CBD you wish to take under your tongue, holding it there for one minute before swallowing. With 50mg of broad-spectrum CBD per dropper, these drops contain a wide range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids for effective results.


CBD Recover Gel Caps

 CBD Recover Gel Caps

For arthritis pain and inflammation relief, CBD Recover Gel Caps are a great option. These capsules combine curcumin found in turmeric and black pepper for lowered pain levels and inflammation. These anti-inflammatory plant extracts work in synergy, resulting in powerful effects, as black pepper has been shown to increase absorption rates of curcumin.

Each capsule also contains high-quality CBD isolate. These THC-free capsules are also extremely easy to incorporate into your lifestyle. For the best results, try taking one capsule during a meal that contains another form of fat, like avocados or nuts.


Pet CBD Hemp Tincture Peanut Butter

 Pet CBD Hemp Tincture Peanut Butter 750mg

You can also share the CBD love with your dog. Pet CBD Hemp Tincture Peanut Butter combines the delicious taste of peanut butter with 750mg of CBD for a high-quality and highly concentrated THC-free CBD product that your furry friend will be sure to love!

This CBD product contains a wide range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, which makes giving your dog a daily serving of CBD easy. You can give it in various ways; the liquid can be placed directly into your pet’s mouth, or you can pour it over their food and even incorporate it into their treats.