UFC Power Couple Gina Mazany and Tim Elliot Choose ShopCBD for Relaxation and Muscle Recovery

Gina Mazany and Tim Elliot, the UFC power couple are taking the fighting realm by storm. But how do they relax, and what is their story?

Both Gina and Tim epitomize what it means to be determined, to fight for your dreams, and to get up if you have fallen. Both came into fighting later in life, and both have fought hard to get to where they are today. They are the couple that represents true determination and is an inspiration for all of us trying to achieve our dreams.

What makes Gina and Tim even more in common with each other? Using CBD to help with muscle relaxation and recovery.

CBD is well known for its powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and sleep-promoting powers. Are you looking to improve your recovery and perform better in sports and life? Then try Rapid cooling cream, Watermelon gummies, Gel recovery capsules, and CBD sleep oil, available at ShopCBD.

So what is Gina Mazany’s and Tim Elliot’s story? And how can CBD help promote muscle recovery and relaxation? Let’s find out.


Gina "Danger" Mazany: UFC Bantamweight Fighter

Gina Mazany

Gina “Danger” Mazany, the very epitome of persistence. Born in Anchorage, Alaska, she did not transition to boxing, and then mixed martial arts (MMA), until she was eighteen years old. First beating Katie Halley to claim the women’s bantamweight Alaska Championship, she moved on to the UFC and King of the Cage, with a total of 6 wins out of 10 matches.

Throughout her life, she sold snowmobiles, worked at a gaming company, and then realized her dream in the UFC. Her story resonates with so many across the world, realizing her dream through hard work. Not only does she fight hard to achieve her dream, but she is also surrounded by others who are realizing theirs. This includes her brother, Dave Mazany, and her other half, Tim Elliot.


Tim Elliot: UFC Flyweight Fighter

Tim Elliot

Tim Elliot, like his partner Gina Mazany, had to fight to be where he is today. Starting as a wrestler, Tim did not start competing in MMA until later in his life. His career started with two losses straight out of the gate. His career encompasses an incredible climb from the loser’s corner. Starting with the knockout performance against former UFC lightweight champion Jens Pulver in 2011, Tim clawed his way into the winner’s circle.

No longer the young gun, Tim is a veteran, a star contender, and the one to beat for uprising MMA fighters. Many ask what makes him the one to conquer? His determination. Despite a slow start, Tim has made a name as one of the golden flyweight fighters, and that level of motivation is something we should all strive for in trying to achieve our dreams.


Muscle Recovery and Relaxation

This power couple has many things going for them, but with the grueling schedule of training and fights, some things are inevitable, such as injuries and muscular soreness. When that happens, this golden duo turns to CBD to help alleviate niggling pains, enhance muscle recovery, and reduce physical stress.

As we know, MMA is a high-intensity fighting sport, with injuries a necessary evil. Physical collision, as well as periods of intensive anaerobic activity, marks MMA as one of the most injury-prone sports.

Several studies have shown that sports of that nature shares increased inflammation as well as substantial muscular soreness. This pain can be extreme and debilitating, affecting everyday functioning and impacting the ability to train and fight for a substantial amount of time. This is where alternative and natural, strategies, such as using CBD, come in.

A myriad of investigations has shown that CBD possesses anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and analgesic properties, including improving sleep quality, which is essential for post-training recovery. When looking at other athletes, it is apparent that CBD can greatly improve pain relief, recovery, and sleep quality, all things necessary to compete at a high level.

When considering the alternatives, such as pharmacological drugs like non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, CBD has minimal side effects, which is important. Several pharmacological treatments for muscle soreness and inflammation have a range of negative side effects, the largest being gastric ulceration.

Its powerful ability to help soothe sore muscles and help your body recover are two of the many reasons that star athletes, like Gina and Tim, choose CBD to naturally improve muscle function and get them back in the ring sooner rather than later.


Their Favorite CBD Products


CBD Rapid Cooling Cream 750mg by Medterra

 Medterra - Rapid Cooling Cream

Struggling with sore muscles? Then look no further than this rapid cooling cream. With the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties of CBD, combined with natural extracts and oils that improve circulation, it is no wonder that big names in the MMA world are turning to this product to help them get back to what they love faster. 


CBD Watermelon Gummies 1600mg by Elite Hemp

 CBD Watermelon Gummies 1600mg by Elite Hemp

CBD Watermelon Gummies, from Elite Hemp Company, is the perfect, delicious, and fun supplement for every athlete. This product, high in CBD, is perfect for those who are regularly drug tested, as it contains 0% THC and only CBD isolate.

In addition to CBD, these tasty gummies also contain Hemp oil and coconut oil, both touted for their beneficial fats, allowing your muscles to reap the benefits of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), improving lactic acid adaptation, and increased fat metabolism during training.


CBD Recover Gel Caps 1000mg 30ct by Social CBD

 CBD Recover Gel Caps 1000mg 30ct

This unique mixture of CBD and anti-inflammatory compounds, such as turmeric and black pepper, is a product that is essential for any gym bunny or competing athlete. Turmeric and black pepper are well known in natural medicine to promote healthy joint and muscle recovery as well as a healthy anti-inflammatory response.


CBD Oil Sleep 500mg Mint by cbdMD

 CBD Oil Sleep 500mg Mint by cbdMD

This incredible oil is essential for every athlete’s kit bag. Utilizing the power of CBD and MCT oil, your muscles will be feeling relaxed, recovered, and raring to go in no time. As we know, sleep is another essential component to aid muscle recovery after training, a fight, or a game. That is why, using the natural powers of valerian root and passionflower, this CBD oil will have you nodding off in no time.