Why you should incorporate Rise powder by Zolt into your morning routine

Once you establish a wellness routine, it’s only natural that you begin to tinker with it, continually making small adjustments to further optimize it as your needs and goals evolve. Many people notice a big difference in terms of how they feel mentally, emotionally, and physically on mornings when they stick to their routines versus the days when they let them slide. And mornings are everything in setting the tone for the day.


More and more CBD fans are starting their day with Zolt Rise, a legitimately delicious hemp drink mix.


For instance, imagine: About a year ago, your best-day routine was coffee and then a yoga class. Then it was coffee, CBD tincture, and yoga. Then it was meditation, coffee, CBD tincture, and a run. You get the idea -- there were basic building blocks that you shuffled around and sometimes made a little extra complicated, but you’d found what worked and that was totally great. 

However. Maybe today you’re wondering: What if I cut out coffee and CBD tincture?

Don’t panic! Enter Zolt Rise, a game-changer for your morning routine, as well as your whole day. Swap the coffee and tincture for Zolt Rise, a legitimately delicious CBD drink mix -- no edginess from coffee, no lingering herbaceousness from tincture, and, best of all, it’s more effective than your CBD tincture. And Zolt Rise powder has caffeine from green tea and organic guarana, so you’re never jittery -- just calm and collected. 


Zolt is extremely bioavailable (up to five times more effective than other CBD formats), which means all the benefits of CBD you value most are even more heightened.


Many people establish a CBD routine gradually, at first using it only occasionally when feeling stressed out, then using it daily once they realize that it’s good for so much more than anxiety. They notice that they recover faster from tough workouts. They’re sleeping better. They’re less crabby, less irritable. Best of all, they feel more on their game mentally -- really cranking at work, but not stressed out by everything on their plate.

Zolt is extremely bioavailable -- 20mg of Zolt is 20mg my body actually gets, which means all the benefits of CBD you value most are even more heightened. Zolt powder works fast, it works hard, and it actually tastes really good too. Their CBD drink mixes come in individual packets (they call them mixie sticks), so they’re perfectly portioned and easy to stash in a pocket to have on hand to mix up anywhere -- conveniently, even right in your water bottle.


Hemp CBD Isolate or Full-Spectrum Hemp?

Zolt Rise comes in two varieties: Rise, which is hemp CBD isolate power; and Rise+, which is full-spectrum hemp powder. Both are totally water-soluble and maximally bioavailable, but Rise contains only the cannabinoid Cannabidiol (CBD), while Rise+ includes all 113 cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, including a trace level of THC.

Rise, the CBD-only version, is a flavor called Morning Lemon Tea. It tastes like - yep - lemons and tea. Many users mix it up with cold water and ice, especially if it’s hot out and/or they’re in a rush, but it’s seriously great mixed with hot water as a tea, especially on chillier days. Rise+, the full-spectrum hemp version, is Tropical Orange, and is more juice-like -- delicious and refreshing, popping with mango and pineapple flavors, and especially fantastic over ice.


Rise’s Secret Superpowers

Rise by Zolt

Zolt Rise powders aren’t just CBD isolate and full-spectrum hemp -- they’re also loaded with antioxidants and adaptogens. For example, Rise+ has astragalus, reishi (No lie -- the Mushroom of Immortality!), and amla fruit, among other top-performing organic ingredients. Yeah, coffee definitely doesn’t pack that punch.


Walking the Walk: Zolt Brand Integrity

While more and more CBD fans are getting into Zolt’s CBD and full-spectrum hemp drink mixes (their product line is on fire right now), it’s easy to fall in love with the brand itself. 

Zolt sources their ingredients carefully for quality and sustainability, they use 100% USA-grown hemp, their products are manufactured in the USA, and they donate a hefty portion of their sales proceeds to the National Young Farmers Coalition. NYFC is a grassroots network of young farmers, ranchers, and their supporters, and dedicated to shaping an equitable and sustainable future for farming.

What’s more, Zolt takes the purity of their product really seriously. Every step of their production process ensures quality, safety, and dosage consistency (inconsistent dosages are actually a big problem within the CBD market) -- they test it, literally, three separate times before it arrives on your doorstep. What’s more, you can trace each batch’s test results and view their corresponding Certificate of Analysis (CoA) right on the heyzolt.com website. How’s that for transparency?


Coffee, Tea, or...CBD?

While more and more people are giving up their morning coffee, not everyone’s such a purist that they won’t cave for a latte here and there. But as for that first-thing must-have drink, CBD fans are increasingly kicking off their day with Zolt Rise. They’re loving its instant rehydration, as well as the physical restoration and mental fine-tuning they get from cannabinoids. When you start your day with Rise, it’s pretty much always going to be a great one, no matter whether you drink it hot or cold.